Construction Updates

The Tri-Kap Capital Campaign Committee will post updates from Construction at 1 Webster Avenue from time to time.

A short video filmed during movin on March 27, 2016

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A short video filmed during the Groundbreaking ceremony on June 20th, 2015

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Text of Speeches
James McKim '83
Board Chairman
Liz Agosto
Assistant Dean of the College
Michael Brasher '10
Campaign Co-Chair
Bruce Williamson '74
President, Domus

Construction Updates

Tuesday December 15th

Exterior of the house, both extensions visible. We're getting there folks!

View of the East expansion from the parking lot

Front door from the grounds.

Basement Interior taking shape

The crew hard at work!

The Great Hall

The GOTE room. Can still kind of make out where the smaller Class pictures were

Rest of the Third Floor

New Stairs in the East extension

a view of the Second floor

Monday September 14th - September 18th

Frame of new west expansion, looking out to Rocky

View from new west expansion, looking out to Gamma Delta

Another view to Rocky from the new west expansion

Entrance hall to front door

Second floor looking west out to Tabard, old wall of the bathroom

Another look west out to Tabard

Monday July 13th - July 19th

View from the Entrance Hall

The LIbrary

Another wall comes down, a view from the first room on the second floor, through the bathroom and into the next room

Yet another view through the bathroom, looking into the hall and the room across the hall by the stairs to the third floor

Walls down in the corner rooms on the second floor by the stairs to the third floor

An incomplete masterpiece at a yet unidentified place in the house

A look down the hallway on the second floor, looking out the window to the beach

A look up the stairs to the third floor

The GOTE Room

A view at the foundation of the new western expansion

A hole into the basement from the front porch

The start of the new eastern expansion

Inside the basement

A panoramic view of the inside of the basement

Monday July 8th - July 12th

The front of the house, after the Pillars and Front patio were removed. Caterpillar removes debris through the hole in the front porch.

Bathroom....gone. A view to the old showers and toilets.

At left the old 'A' table, facing the new west side expansion. At right, the old mantle and fireplace in the basement; the old 'b' table.

The old basement bathroom/sink rom/trough room/storage closet.

The old basement tube room/ gym / pouring area / fridge space. Under the porch, with a view towards Rocky.

Excavating the basement along the new addition to the west side of the house

Monday June 22nd - July 3rd - Demolition Begins:

The house is fenced off and demolition begins. An excavator taking apart the front porch.

Thanks to the companies we're working with to Make it Happen! The background shows preparations for the new eastern addition; the beach is removed.

Preparations for the foundation of the new eastern addition to the house, a view from the parking lot, below the old beach and where the back porch was.

A view through the old front porch into the old kitchen!

Another view into the old kitchen and boiler room

The start of the Western addition, where the new kitchen will sit on the first floor.

The Great Hall, currently being used as a planning area.

A view into the backroom of the basement

The old basement bathroom, trough room, storage closet

The main basement room. A view towards the upcoming West addition. Debris over where the 'A' and 'B' tables used to be.

Chaos all around, but the bar still stands!

The front of the house with the Pillars and front patio removed

Saturday June 20th, 2015 - Groundbreaking for Construction at 1 Webster Avenue:

James McKim '83 - Chairman - Tri-Kap Board of Directors speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Michael Brasher '10 - Co-Chairman - Tri-Kap Capital Committee speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Bruce Williamson '74 - Tri-Kap Alum and President of Domus Inc. speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Anka Tezcan '15 - Outgoing Undergraduate President speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Elizabeth Agosto - Assistant Dean of the College speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Let Construction Begin!

The culmination of a long journey and the start of another; Let's Make it Happen!

A fantastic gathering of Alumni, Undergraduates, College Officials, and families celebrating a historic day at Tri-Kap!

President Hanlon congratulates the Tri-Kap Board on a historic day for Kappa Kappa Kappa Society